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brondler is a wholesaler of pet products

brondler carries brands that are high quality and offered with additional sales support. These are mainly brands from specialized suppliers. With them we have a unique cooperation: they provide a nice brand, we the sales organization.

As a wholesaler of quality animal products, we are the link between suppliers and retailers. Through brondler the sales of pet brands in pet stores is growing. brondler markets a unique selection of A-brands for sale mainly in physical stores.  We give great brands the attention they deserve. We help you as a retailer to sell them. We train you with (technical) product knowledge and help you with effective promotional materials.

Of course, as a wholesaler we also supply non-brand items. In this way we ensure that you can also purchase the basic range in an efficient manner.

brondler is there for petstores

brondler works with you to boost your sales. This can take the form of shelf plans, discount promotions, brochures, digital displays in the store, and even sales training for your staff.

brondler is there for suppliers

With brondler, pet brand suppliers get an engaged representative with a good sales network in the Netherlands. We believe that you, us, the retailer and the consumer all benefit from making sure that your products are in the right place in the right stores. To then be sold with the right advice to consumers who can really use them. This means that we feel involved in the marketing and sale of your brands.

Our brands

Every pet owner wants to buy the right products for their pets. Every pet store wants to sell products that fit the needs of the customer.

Brands help to understand what is good quality and what is not. brondler carries brands that are of high quality, and that are offered with extra sales support. These are mainly brands from specialized suppliers. We have a unique cooperation with them: they provide a great brand, we provide the sales organization.

Our range includes, for example, food that suits the health and age of a cat, ergonomic dog cushions that can be personalized, or bedding for long fresh pens.

As a pet store retailer, you can come to us for innovative, practical but above all quality brands. Read on on the pages below - and be inspired.

Our brands